Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Evolution of a Mani featuring Essie Shelter Island

I don't get to change my mani as often as I'd like to. I'm a full time student and have a part time job, so needless to say, I'm usually pretty busy. During the school year, I typically change my polish once a week. In order to keep my nails looking good and prevent me from getting bored, I experiment with layering. I'd like to take you on a journey through my latest layering mani, which occurred during my last week of summer school.

Essie Shelter Island. It's slightly sheer/streaky, but nothing outrageous, so I used three coats. It has that half creme/half jelly finish going on that Essie loves to do. I love it, too. It's a gorgeous, dusty light blue. I have no dupes for this. SI is from the popular Northfolk Collection, which also includes Greenport & Sag Harbor.

A few days later, this happened...

I added one coat Essie Kisses & Bisses. I apologize for the terrible picture; I took this at work under my fluorescent office lights. K&B is a very sheer (think topcoat) shimmer polish. In the bottle, it looks mostly red, but over the blue of Shelter Island it pulled more purple. At first I thought it was similar to CND Amethyst Sparkle, but the CND is sparkley (duh) and K&B is shimmery. Kisses & Bisses came out this spring in the French Affair collection.

And finally...

One coat of OPI Servin Up Sparkle. You can see how terrible my outgrowth is. *shudder* SUS has small silver holo glitters and large silver holo hex pieces in a clear base. It was recently released in a Serena Williams duo with Grape... Set... Match (the one I got) or that silver foil who's name escapes me.

Thanks for reading this giant post. Speaking of posting, I hope to be doing more of it now that summer school is over. I have less than a month til fall semester. We're having a huge sale at work this weekend, I'm helping DBF move two weekends in a row, and he's taking a week of in between those weekends, so I'll still be busy, but it'll be "free time" busy, not "I have so many cases to read" busy.


  1. Shelter Island is one of my favorites! I like all the layering you did. Especially Servin up Sparkle!

  2. You definitely got some good wear out of this manicure :) Great combos!

  3. @Olivia Thank you!

    @Maribeth Thanks! I couldn't believe it lasted that long!