Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lynnderella Mysterious Ways

Two coats of Mysterious Ways over China Glaze Secret Periwinkle. The base of MW is sheer enough to not really alter SP. I used the dabbing method to apply which yielded great results. (In case you're not familiar with the dabbing method, it's where you "dab" the polish on instead of brushing it on. Usually the best method in applying tricky glitters to ensure the glitter stays put.) I used one coat of top coat, and I still feel some bumpiness, so two would probably be ideal.

Because lists are just easier:
- Mostly grey/slightly lavender jelly base
- Holo micro glitter
- Small white hex & squares
- Small purple hex
- Medium holo hex, squares, & diamonds
- Gunmetal medium hex
- Large silver hex

Description from Lynn herself:
Mysterious Ways is the long-lost sister of Gotta Love Brains. It features a grey-violet base with multi-coloured shimmer, white, silver, gunmetal  and holographic hexagons, diamonds, squares and dust. The holographics look amazing peeping out of the translucent grey. Like buried jewels.

Mysterious Ways is also one of four Lynnderellas that is being/has already been discontinued.

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