Saturday, October 13, 2012

Essie Winter 2012 Collection Swatches and Review

Huzzah! My first full collection review! Swatching is hard! Anywho, here's Essie Winter 2012 (or, the Leading Lady Collection. Not sure which is official. The display says Winter 2012):

Beyond Cozy is an antiqued silver micro glitter in a clear base. Super dense, it only took two coats to be completely opaque. Since it's so opaque, it's not the best layering polish. It totally overtakes the base color you layer it over. Super pretty.

Butler Please is medium blue creme. This one was hard to capture. It's got a bit of purple in it, but it's not blurple. It's also slightly dusty. It dried to a satin finish, so perhaps there's some neon pigment in there, too. I used top coat to make it shiny. Three coats.

Leading Lady is a red glitter in a red base. It looks a little pink to me, so it's a raspberry red. Two coats. You can see my comparison between this and Ruby Slippers here. If you have Ruby Slippers, you probably don't need this.

She's Pampered is a pink-leaning red jelly-creme hybrid. I love this. It's totally appropriate for winter. Two coats.

Snap Happy is a tomato red-orange jelly-creme hybrid. Hot damn, this is awesome. It's so bright and squishy. Three coats.

Where's My Chauffeur is an aqua creme. Leans blue. Way gorgeous. It changes in different light, hence millions of pictures. Three coats.

The formula on these were amazing. The cremes flowed wonderfully, spread evenly, and were not streaky. The jelly-cremes applied like butter. The glitters were opaque and not lumpy. They are thick though, so you may have to thin them after each use.

I really love this collection. It doesn't feel totally "winter" to me, but I think it works. The vampy and jewel-toned colors that usually saturate winter collection start to get repetitive after a while. If I was forced to pick only two, I'd go with Beyond Cozy and Snap Happy, with She's Pampered as the runner-up.

I found these at the brand-new City Target (seriously, that's what it's called) in the Chicago Loop, so I don't know what the availability of the collection is at this time. I haven't seen it anywhere else yet, nor have I heard of anyone finding it yet.

I'm planning a comparison post within the next couple days, so feel free to make requests on anything you'd like to see! Thanks for reading!


  1. The only one that really stands out to me is Where's my chauffeur. It's gorgeous!

    1. It is very beautiful & eye catching!