Saturday, June 11, 2011

Recent Haul

I recently picked up a few lemmings so I thought I'd share them with everyone.

First, the entire China Glaze Surf Collection. I'm most excited about this. China Glaze makes some amazing glass flecks. I think this collection is circa 2008.
From left: White-Kwik-Silvr: White with white flecks. Similar to ChG Frosty.
Yell-O-Neil: Yellow with yellow flecks. Similar to ChG Lighthouse.
Pink-Rox-E: Pink with gold flecks.
Orange-Pacific: Orange with orange flecks.
Red-Curl-Grl: Red with red flecks.
Blk-Bila-Bong: Black with blue flecks.
(They really love their hyphens!)

From left: Glacier, GR8, & Side Saddle
Glacier is from the Specialty Collection. It's similar to Snow Globe, which I love, except with smaller glitter.
GR8, as I'm sure we all know, is from the OMG collection. It's a dirty golden-yellow with linear holo. Great for stamping with, too.
Side Saddle is from the Rodeo Diva Collection. I originally wasn't interested in it, but then I saw Rachel's swatches, and I fell in love. I love Wagon Trail too, but the others in Rodeo Diva are pretty, but don't wow me.

From left: Glass Slippers & Ruby Slippers
Glass Slippers is a sheer white polish with silver glitter/flecks. I'm not really sure what they are. It's gorgeous though.
Ruby Slippers is a glowing red glitter polish. You've probably seen this one and know how gorgeous it is.

From left: Worth the Risque & Ultra-Astral
Worth the Risque is a silver holo polish. What can I say, I love holos. There's been problems with duds from Color Club as of late, but this particular bottle is just fine. I'm not sure if it was produced before or after the duds started appearing, so I can't comment on if the problem has been fixed.
Ultra-Astral is a bright pink with round holo glitter from the newer Starry Temptress Collection. All the colors were unbelievable, but this was the only one that was extremely unique to me, because the glitter turns kind of blue-ish on the nail, at least in swatches I've seen. I'll have to swatch it myself to see the results.


  1. Nice haul- can't wait to see the swatches! :)

  2. Thanks Olivia! I'm excited to swatch them!