Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Vacation Mani Fail

I'm home! My vacation was great, and I picked up a few polishes that I'll post later this week. For now, I thought I'd share what I've had on my nails for the past week.

Two coats of Nicole by OPI Shell Me the Truth. Pink with gold shimmer. Almost a glass fleck. Pretty, but pulled more gold on me. I'm not a fan of gold. I wanted to add something special, so I decided to layer Essie Nude Beach on top of it. This is where the problems started.
Look at the bubbles! I've never had a polish bubble this bad on me before. It looks lumpy and gross. I used two coats of Nude Beach, and the base is kind of milky, so it dulled down the sparkle of Shell. The green shimmer was barely noticeable, but I was able to capture it a bit on my cell phone:
See?! It was totally awesome. Just poor execution, I guess. Also, this mani never dried. I did it at 1am the night before I left, and I could still dent it when I landed in LA the next morning. In fact, if I press hard enough, I can still dent it now.

Shell Me the Truth is going in my purge box, at least for now. Maybe I'll try it again on its own, but that won't be for a while. Although I'm 85% sure the problems arose from layering, I'm not a fan of the brush, and the polish pulls more gold on me.
I'm giving Nude Beach another shot. The green micro shimmer is too unique to me. Plus, I'm generally a fan of Essie, so I'm in denial that she would ever make a poor polish.


  1. I'm sorry the Nicole polish wasn't good! Did it have that new brush? I only have one bottle of Nicole and it's an old silver with the original brush, and then a glitter.

  2. Yeah Olivia, it had the new brush. I have a few Nicoles with the old and I prefer it.