Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Butter London All Hail The Queen

Oh, hello there. I was dealing with a federal court deadline on Monday (and dealing with the aftermath yesterday), but here I am! I've made it out alive. I've been (slowly) taking care of all the things I've had to push aside for the past week. Now that I'm not so insanely busy, I feel... off. Ever feel that way? Things are back to their normal pace but it feels extra-slow in comparison.

Let's check out this baby:


I think this was probably three coats. Also, what the hell is my problem for only taking ONE picture?! And a cell phone picture, at that.

AHtQ is one of those work-safe polishes I love. The scattered holo really keeps things interesting. It's not intense and in your face though, which is great for looking professional.

Butter London is a brand that doesn't really grab my attention. Sure, they might have a great formula, but at $14 a pop, I'm extremely picky with what I purchase from them. They just seem a bit basic to me.