Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ulta Underground

This is 2 coats of Underground. Black base (I *think*) with a teal-leaning blue shimmer. Supa dupa pigmented. The formula was average. Nothing spectacular, but not the worst I've ever used. Dried rather quickly.

Unfortunately, this looks black most of the time. The shimmer only comes out to play in direct sunlight. It doesn't "glow", if you know what I mean. It falls flat. I'm not a fan of blackened polishes, so this one goes in the purge box. I did however catch myself staring at my hands all day and I've realized it's because I'm ready for fall. I'm going to dive head first into my fall polishes (starting with OPI Germany, which was delivered to my house today. Yay!). The weather in Chicago today is overcast, foggy, and crisp (my favorite weather!), so I'm crazy for dark colors. Just as long as they don't look black :P

cell phone pictures!


  1. It's a shame you don't see the shimmer often. I'm ready for fall polishes, too! If only the weather would cool down here.

    1. It's pretty when you catch the sunlight juuuust right. It was rather cool up here a few weeks ago but then it got SO HOT again!