Sunday, September 2, 2012

Nicole by OPI Disco Dolls

Oh my god. I'm so terrible about this. I've had a ridiculously busy two weeks, capped off by my boyfriend's sister's wedding on Friday. Here's what I had on my nails for the wedding:

Three coats. This baby was THICK. I thinned it once during application and it needed to be thinned again almost immediately. Such a sloppy application. It was also very thirsty. Two coats of top coat barely smoothed anything out. Alas, I am in love with this polish. The rainbow glitters strewn about are totally awesome. Gah, it's so pretty.


  1. It's too bad this was so thick because it's so pretty! I love the different coloured glitters in the gold base.

    1. It's a total bummer. the fluffy brush didn't help much either, but I can't help but love it