Monday, September 24, 2012

OPI Save Me

One coat over...a pink. Sorry, I don't remember at all. Anyway, Save Me is a bar glitter and it's totally awesome.

The name "Save Me" is quite appropriate because I've been totally bummed lately. You guys, the NHL is locked out right now. Only preseason games have been cancelled at the moment, but things are not looking good. I don't know HOW I'm going to get through the winter. (Sidebar: I hate snow, cold, and weather in general.) I hope we will at least get a shortened season, which would be better than nothing at all.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Butter London All Hail The Queen

Oh, hello there. I was dealing with a federal court deadline on Monday (and dealing with the aftermath yesterday), but here I am! I've made it out alive. I've been (slowly) taking care of all the things I've had to push aside for the past week. Now that I'm not so insanely busy, I feel... off. Ever feel that way? Things are back to their normal pace but it feels extra-slow in comparison.

Let's check out this baby:


I think this was probably three coats. Also, what the hell is my problem for only taking ONE picture?! And a cell phone picture, at that.

AHtQ is one of those work-safe polishes I love. The scattered holo really keeps things interesting. It's not intense and in your face though, which is great for looking professional.

Butter London is a brand that doesn't really grab my attention. Sure, they might have a great formula, but at $14 a pop, I'm extremely picky with what I purchase from them. They just seem a bit basic to me.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Guest Nails ft. My Sister & China Glaze

My sister is way more creative & better at nail art than I am. Here's a little something she did not to long ago:

She used China Glaze Life Preserver and China Glaze Aquadelic.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Essie Jazz

2 careful coats - 3 is probably a better idea. I totally fell in love with Jazz ever since I saw k2k wear it -- twice. She totally fuels my neutral fire and I love that.

I'm not totally sure how I feel about the color of this when I'm actually wearing it. In some light, it looks awesome and totally compliments my skintone, and then sometimes it pulls way warm & clashes. I'm on the fence.

I really enjoy serching for nude polishes that work on me. It's so exciting - you don't know if it'll compliment or clash until you actually have it on, and those moments are wonderful (or maybe not so wonderful if it clashes). I can't wait to wear the nudes in OPI Germany. Anyone else love the hunt of trying to find the perfect nude?

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Jelly Sammich ft. RBL and NYC

My first jelly sandwich. I was inspired by an indie (Candeo Jellybean, I think) and I'm super happy with the result. I used Rescue Beauty Lounge Squarepants and NYC Starry Silver Glitter. To achieve depth, this is how I layered them:
1 coat RBL
1 coat NYC
1 coat RBL
1 coat NYC
1 coat RBL

So squishy and awesome.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ulta Underground

This is 2 coats of Underground. Black base (I *think*) with a teal-leaning blue shimmer. Supa dupa pigmented. The formula was average. Nothing spectacular, but not the worst I've ever used. Dried rather quickly.

Unfortunately, this looks black most of the time. The shimmer only comes out to play in direct sunlight. It doesn't "glow", if you know what I mean. It falls flat. I'm not a fan of blackened polishes, so this one goes in the purge box. I did however catch myself staring at my hands all day and I've realized it's because I'm ready for fall. I'm going to dive head first into my fall polishes (starting with OPI Germany, which was delivered to my house today. Yay!). The weather in Chicago today is overcast, foggy, and crisp (my favorite weather!), so I'm crazy for dark colors. Just as long as they don't look black :P

cell phone pictures!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Essie It's Genius

A bit streaky, but evened out in 3 coats. The gold shimmer in this is what really sets it apart and makes it unique enough for me to hang on to. I'm a sucker for jewel-tones.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Nicole by OPI Disco Dolls

Oh my god. I'm so terrible about this. I've had a ridiculously busy two weeks, capped off by my boyfriend's sister's wedding on Friday. Here's what I had on my nails for the wedding:

Three coats. This baby was THICK. I thinned it once during application and it needed to be thinned again almost immediately. Such a sloppy application. It was also very thirsty. Two coats of top coat barely smoothed anything out. Alas, I am in love with this polish. The rainbow glitters strewn about are totally awesome. Gah, it's so pretty.